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Healing Through Food


Tiratat P. Chicago, IL

The food here is very good, and it's cheap. But sometime the service can be quite slow. It was my Indian friend who introduced me to this place and he said this is very authentic. My favorite food here is snacks. Like Dahi Batata Puri or Bhel. I have tried the palak paneer, and it's delicious! I'd definitely recommend this place!

Amy H. Chicago, IL

Being a non-veg, we were skeptical at first on if we'd like this place. But oh boy! What a delicious find (Thanks groupon!), I'm a frequent visitor of Devon, but never tried this place before. With the groupon, we got the Paper Masala Dosa along with other dishes (which tells you that the dosa was a hit!). It was a perfect combination of potatoes, spices and dipped into the oh man was it good. I've returned to this place 3 times since then just for the dosa, and haven't been disappointed. Highly recommended! . Random fact: this place has the coolest decor! The service can be a bit slow at times but they are so genuine and nice, I don't mind that!

Aaron S. Chicago, IL

I love this place. Be prepared for service that is not what you would call good service by US standards. But the Dosa is very good and the Sambar is the best I ever had.

Hannah C. Chicago, IL

Really great food with okay service. We had the Mysore masala dosa - a potato filling wrapped in a thin bread with spicy sauce - which was quite good. We also ordered paneer bhutji - a hot stew with an almost salsa-like consistency made of cheese, tomato, and possibly eggplant. We also had a side order of puri, a friend airy bread that came with not nearly enough yogurt dip. Ordering can be a challenge for those new to Indian food. Our pronunciation of the dishes was so bad our server couldn't understand what we were ordering and we wound up pointing at the menu. The menu descriptions are not very clear on what to expect and the server struggled to answer questions in English. You need to be willing to jump in with both feet and order things without knowing exactly what you're going to get. (Thankfully, everything is vegetarian.) Based on our experience, you won't go wrong so pick vaguely at random from different sections of the menu at about 1 dish per person and enjoy your feast.

Mihir G. Chicago, IL

If you have some time in your schedule and are craving a tasty and home-cooked vegetarian Indian meal, this is the place. They do not do the traditional buffet style but rather fresh off the menu. I enjoy their samosas, parathas, and letil/vegetable dishes. Service is slow so don't go here if you are in a time crunch.

Charlotte F. Chicago, IL

Everything is delicious- we usually order take-out/delivery from here and it always arrives very hot (live around 2 miles away) and exactly when Grubhub predicts (within 60-90 minutes of placing the order). I haven't had anything I did not enjoy here- everything is very flavorful and the spices taste fresh.

Things I've tried: malai kofta, rajma masala, mutter paneer, naan, alu gobi, tadka dal, palak paneer and samosas. Can't wait to try more!