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Healing Through Food

About Us

Uru-Swati meaning the “Morning star of peace” is a family oriented comfortable, 14-table North and South Indian full service vegetarian restaurant serving food that is fresh and of the highest quality.

Uru Swati offers a menu of flavorful, vegetarian Indian dishes in one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Chicago. You will find traditional samosas, dosa, masala, and paneer, as well as house-made naan and garlic breads.

The recipes come from owner Hansa Chhabria. She and her husband also own Raj Darbar, a North Indian restaurant in Lincoln Park. But Uru-Swati, which opened in late May, is strictly vegetarian. As for the claim of “healing through food,” Hansa’s son, Vishal Chhabria, explains, “We use Indian spices which in ayurvedic science are proven to be helpful in aiding digestion and have antiseptic properties.”

Vishal, who has studied Sivananda yoga, continues, “There is no alcohol and no meat and no eggs; those kind of tamastic [non-health-promoting] foods are not part of our kitchen in any way. The energy of the kitchen is very pure and very clean. It’s very sattvic [beneficial to the body and mind], very pure.”

Uru Swati is a cornerstone in the Chicago community and has been recognized for its outstanding Indian cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. Voted Best of Chicago 2008 by the Chicago Reader and lauded by Time Out Chicago, Uru-Swati earns praise for the carefully crafted vegetarian Indian

Voted by Chicagoland's readers:
Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Chicago Reader, 2008!!!